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  • As a purchaser, Adenna has made my job a little easier, which I have found to be a rare occurrence when dealing with vendors. I have been able to reduce my glove stock by almost 90% since purchasing from Adenna due to a shorter predictable lead time. Their reliable and responsive customer support and service...More >
    Kate M., Purchasing
    Food Service Distributor, Georgia
  • Many times when dealing with glove suppliers we see inconsistencies in the quality but not with Adenna. We love the product and the fill rates are fantastic. Thanks for growing our glove business!
    T.B., Sales Manager
    Auto Supplies Dealer, California
Unit Description
dm decimeter, one tenth of one meter
dm2 square decimeter in surface area, which is about 4 inches by 4 inches of surface area
MPa Mega Pascals, which is one million Pascals in a measure of pressure
1  MPa 145 PSI
1  Pascal 1 newton of force per square meter in strength
mg milligram, one thousandth of one gram
µg microgram, one millionth of one gram
mil one thousandth of one inch in thickness
1  mil 0.001 inches, or 1 inch = 1,000 mil
1  mil 0.0254 mm, or 1 mm = 39.37 mil
micron micrometer (μm), a measurement of length
1 micron 0.001 millimeter (mm)
mL milliliter, one thousandth of one liter (L)
mm millimeter, one thousandth of one meter
1  mm 0.0394 inches
PSI pound per square inch