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Unit of Measurment


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  • In just a few short weeks we sold our first pallet of gloves (Shadow black nitrile) and we are well on our way to adding a successful program to our system. I knew I should have ”jumped into this” sooner. I’m excited about the new opportunity that has been created.
    Anthony B., General Manager
    Interstate Batteries, Virginia
  • Adenna Inc. has always provided a great quality product, excellent customer service, and above all, an incomparable level of account management. It is no coincidence that since engaging with Adenna Inc. since 2005, we have had nearly 0% complaints on the level of quality of their products.
    Scott R., Owner
    Food Processing and Ranching Supplies Distributor, Texas
Unit Description
dm decimeter, one tenth of one meter
dm2 square decimeter in surface area, which is about 4 inches by 4 inches of surface area
MPa Mega Pascals, which is one million Pascals in a measure of pressure
1  MPa 145 PSI
1  Pascal 1 newton of force per square meter in strength
mg milligram, one thousandth of one gram
µg microgram, one millionth of one gram
mil one thousandth of one inch in thickness
1  mil 0.001 inches, or 1 inch = 1,000 mil
1  mil 0.0254 mm, or 1 mm = 39.37 mil
micron micrometer (μm), a measurement of length
1 micron 0.001 millimeter (mm)
mL milliliter, one thousandth of one liter (L)
mm millimeter, one thousandth of one meter
1  mm 0.0394 inches
PSI pound per square inch