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Unit of Measurment


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Unit Description
dm decimeter, one tenth of one meter
dm2 square decimeter in surface area, which is about 4 inches by 4 inches of surface area
MPa Mega Pascals, which is one million Pascals in a measure of pressure
1  MPa 145 PSI
1  Pascal 1 newton of force per square meter in strength
mg milligram, one thousandth of one gram
µg microgram, one millionth of one gram
mil one thousandth of one inch in thickness
1  mil 0.001 inches, or 1 inch = 1,000 mil
1  mil 0.0254 mm, or 1 mm = 39.37 mil
micron micrometer (μm), a measurement of length
1 micron 0.001 millimeter (mm)
mL milliliter, one thousandth of one liter (L)
mm millimeter, one thousandth of one meter
1  mm 0.0394 inches
PSI pound per square inch