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Face Masks

Earloop Face Masks (White)


Adenna® brand earloop face masks meet the ASTM F2100-11 requirements as Performance Level 2 Barrier medical face mask.

These 3-ply fluid resistant earloop face masks have a unique 4-fold design, which is different from traditional 3-fold face masks. More protective material is used in creating a 4-fold design than traditional 3-fold face masks; therefore when unfold, the Adenna face masks form a better cone shape to provide maximum coverage on the wearer.

The inner layer touching the wearer’s face is a unique material that is ultra soft and very comfortable on the skin. These face masks are 100% latex free and fiber glass free. The nose piece is metal free but conforms to wearer’s face for a comfortable fit.

They are available in different color options to meet individual’s preference.

Performance Data:
ASTM F2100 – 11 Level 2 Barrier ADENNA® Face Mask
Fluid Resistance 120 mm Hg 120 mm Hg
PFE ≥98%@0.1 micron >99%@0.1 micron
BFE ≥98% >99%@3 micron
Delta P <5 mm H2O/cm2 <3 mm H2O/cm2
Flame spread Class 1 Class 1

3-Ply / 4 Fold design





Packaging (by weight)

50 pcs per box, 10 boxes per case

ColorsItem Code

Industries Most Common To Use:
Dental, Beauty / Hair / Nail, EMS / Fire Dept., Healthcare, Food Serv. / Restaurants, Tattoo / Piercing, Veterinary, Industrial / Manufacturing, Janitorial / Cleaning, Plumbing / Painting


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