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Microflex Diamond Grip vs. Adenna Explorer Glove

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Casey shows why Adenna Explorer® 8 mil Latex glove is superior to Microflex Diamond Grip™ glove, and how you can save money without sacrificing on quality and protection.

Both gloves measure about 8 mil in thickness and are easy to put on. Adenna Explorer® gloves are produced with an advanced single chlorination process, so the Explorer gloves are natural white color and possess a nearly chorine free scent. They are soft and comfortable on the hands, and most importantly they have a good “tacky” feel that provide an excellent grip of your tools.

Microflex Diamond Grip™ glove is produced from a double chlorinated production process. This process tends to make gloves more yellowish and with a strong chlorine odor. It could also make gloves a bit stiff and even slippery sometimes.

So, when you’re ready to purchase your next box of thick latex gloves, look for the Adenna Explorer® glove – available at a lower price from most retailers. Let Adenna protect your most important tools – YOUR HANDS®.

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