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Disposable Gloves for Food Service and Processing


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  • Adenna PRECISION® glove is thin yet resistant to tearing. Good fit for non-latex gloves. The grip is better than other nitrile gloves. The packaging was excellent. I didn’t pull out half the box trying to get just one. They had more stretch than most other nitrile gloves.
    Clinician consultants
    The Dental Advisor
  • Adenna offers a complete and extensive line of quality glove products. Our customers are assured that we can fulfill all of their exam glove needs with Adenna brand gloves. Your timely shipment and superior customer service provide the means to help us build our customer base with confidence.
    Ron K., Owner
    Medical and Dental Dealer, Oregon

H_SaladDisposable Gloves for Food Service and ProcessingFOOD SERVICE/FOOD PROCESSING

Whether you’re working the packing house floor or the kitchen of a Michelin-rated restaurant, good hygiene and personal protection can never be underestimated. Wearing gloves while handling food products not only prevents a worker’s hands from getting messy, but also prevent the workers—especially those with cuts or open wounds in their hands or fingers—from contaminating the food.

Adenna exam gloves are manufactured in accordance to the U.S. FDA specifications. Our general purpose disposable gloves meet the ASTM standards and the USDA guidelines for food handling, processing, preparations and all sorts of applications with cooked and uncooked food.

Other Adenna products, such as face masks and protective apparel, are also suited for restaurants, cafeterias, food processing facilities, food preparation and assembly lines use, fruit picking, farming and more.

We have long established distributorship with major food service providers, such as U.S. Food Service and MBM Corporation, and have the experience and expertise in managing the supply chain of disposable gloves to thousands of fast-food restaurants. Adenna products can also be found at regional food service dealers, such as Jim Henry, Lou’s Gloves, Chatsworth Gloves, Dunn Safety and many more.

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