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Customers Love Us

  • Adenna has the best marketing materials and especially the sample packs, we really like that you can provide us with a large quantity along with product flyers. You provide great support to help grow our glove business and help us cross over to other industries.
    Sarah W., Associate Merchant
    HD Supply, California
  • We have a wide variety of clients, who have different needs. Miguel has enabled us to answer their technical questions and offer them the best glove at a great price. Thanks to Adenna and Miguel, we are obtaining and keeping our clients, even when the competition gets rough.
    Laura V., Owner
    Healthcare, Tattoo and Food Distributor, Nevada
Auto mechanic working on car

Auto mechanic working on car

Disposable Gloves for Automotive Mechanics


For mechanics, grease, oil, gasoline, solvents and other nasty chemicals come with the territory. That’s why superior barrier protection against harmful materials is of paramount importance in this industry.

Adenna Inc. supplies a full range of disposable gloves that mechanics in automotive, aviation and marine fields—as well as maintenance, repair and safety crews—know they can rely on to protect their hands, minimize cuts, burns and abrasions, while providing a good fit for precision work and keeping their hands healthy and clean.

Mechanics across the country have found Adenna gloves to be of equal if not better quality than the Microflex gloves or SAS gloves, while at a substantial savings in price. Our gloves are composed of different materials—such as nitrile and latex—and are available in various thicknesses (e.g. 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 14mm, etc.), lengths (9.5” and 11.5”) and colors.

Adenna Inc. is a proud member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and exhibits at the annual SEMA and ASRW tradeshows. Our auto/mechanics supply distributor list is always growing, and today you can find Adenna gloves at Interstate Batteries, Fastenal, Basics Etc., J&R Automotive, Johnson Wilshire, Eisenking, C.R. Laurence and other locations.

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