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How EXPLORER® Glove Beat Diamond Grip? July 17, 2012

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Back because of popular demand from the mechanic, light industrial, and automotive industries, Adenna is proud to announce the re-launch of EXPLORER® 8 mil thick powder free latex exam glove. This 8 mil thick glove, which is also popular with EMS, lab, and law enforcement agencies, resembles the Microflex’s Diamond Grip latex glove, but offers better features and…More >

Adenna Offers Blue Color Vinyl Glove May 16, 2012

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Adenna is proud to announce the newest member of its HANDY GUARD® line of disposable gloves: Blue color powdered Vinyl Glove.  These blue color gloves are the preferred choice for Food Service and Janitorial /Sanitary Services. In the event of accidental tearing or breaking of the gloves during food processing, the blue color glove pieces stand out and…More >

The Glove of the Future – Here Today November 9, 2011

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Besides being low priced, Adenna’s MIRACLE® nitrile powder free exam glove offers much, much more. That’s why we are so excited about this new product and why our customers are placing repeat orders at a fast pace!  We are even getting reports from the field about entire facilities completely eliminating latex exam gloves and switching to the MIRACLE® nitrile…More >

Adenna Adds New Sizes and New Products September 8, 2011

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The sales growth of Adenna black color exam gloves and sterilization pouches has been phenomenal.  Our black gloves are popular in the tattoo, piercing and body art industry as well as law enforcement, prisons and correctional facilities. The quality of our sterilization pouches rival those made in the USA at a significant cost savings.  Now by…More >